Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life is Good

I've had a lot of time to think about what I'm going to be doing until school resumes in January. My first thoughts were to convenience - stay in Logan, work with people with disabilities, don't move, save money, keep friends and make new ones, quit Michaels ASAP. That didn't work.

My next thought was National Park work... somewhere that pays room and board. Work until late October, go home, play with new RM (my sister, she's been out a year now!), and resume the Logan apartment and job hunt.

I was sitting in Institute one morning, zoning out of announcements when one caught my attention. "Want to work in Yellowstone?..." I wrote down the hours of the institute's employment office I didn't know existed and resolved to go that week. Miracle #1. I was hoping that the institute may know of more jobs better suited for my standards - no Sunday work, close to church, friends to go with...

Anyway, a few days later found me flipping through a bunch of brochures in the employment office, picking out the occasional national park job, summer camp, internship for a foundation that works with people with disabilities... Wait.

I went home, hopped online, and looked up the foundation. I found that they ran a summer camp and they did things year round too. They were currently accepting applications. I fiddled around with the application, filled it out , and got stuck on references, as usual. I'd gotten the BYU Psychology Professor from the homeward, the mother of an autistic girl that loves me, and ... the third? I wanted to use my special needs institute teacher, but, she's one of those people that has to run and do everything all at once. For a week I kept going to class early trying to catch her (i couldn't after class - i had a class WAAAAaaaaaayyyyyyy across campus.) Finally, i was determined to get it over with and be late if i had to.

I showed up ever earlier than usual, but she was running late. She scurries in frantically setting up her lesson. I conceded to being late after all. She looked at me, said Hello, and moved on. Suddenly, she said, "Amy, i have something for you! did you know that you can graduate from Institute this semester?" "uh, no" "come over to my office, I have a paper for you." Okay. Miracle #2.

No, I wasn't eligible for graduation after all, but that paper came at the exact right moment. Sister Parker was not only willing to be a reference, but she was also familiar with the camp and foundation :)

Anyway, I filled in the blank spots and sent it in. Just as I was walking away from the post office, I realized I hadn't even enclosed a resume :(

The next week was spring break. I was driving about with a friend when I got a phone call. IT WAS THEM!!! we scheduled an interview for later that week. Miracle #3. Had they called the next week, I'd have to borrow a car (Ehh... nerve wracking) or bum a ride (yeah right, during the day during the week, who's going to be going to SLC then?) But since the interview was DURING spring break, trip with mom. Oooohhhh yeeeeaaaahhhh.

Wednesday they called back wanting to postpone the appointment. I consented to later that day instead of the next week. That morning rolled around and I was getting ready to go. A bunch of silly things kept going wrong. Like no eyeliner because I thought i hadn't packed it (i had, i found when I went home and unpacked) Or my new shirt suddenly being a constricting one size too small. or nearly spilling lunch we'd just picked up all over my resume I actually remembered to bring. Stress.

They showed me around the camp while they were waiting for the interviewer to show up, we interviewed, and the waiting game was on. 1.5 - 2 weeks.

During the waiting game the ward mission leader came over to teach a lesson in my ethiopian nonmember roommate's general vicinity (she excused herself halfway through) and we talked about miracles. He challenged us to pray for a miracle daily.
The 2 weeks came and went without a peep.

Finally, I decided to ask for a miracle. Just a phone call either way, whether or not I actually got the job.
That night ~ 5 pm I got one. (Miracle #4)
Unfortunately I was working so i didn't answer it. I called back as requested the next morning and received the news. I HAD gotten the job!

I'll be in Salt Lake, not too far from home OR Logan, i work Sunday night to Friday afternoon, the job provides room and board (which really means that my entire paycheck goes straight into my pocket), I won't be living at home, and BEST of all, I'll be working with people with disabilities of all ages and with disabilities of all types. Helllloooo career exploration.

Only downsides:
A: not terribly awesome pay. but that doesn't matter, because room and board is included.
B: I have to work over memorial day weekend. My extended family always gets together and has a huge remembrance day : we decorate graves of family members in five different cemeteries in the high Uintah mountains. We get about 8 generations back, to the first generation pioneers. My grandmother and her sister come out and join their siblings in the festivities, and we exchange old stories about the ancestors. And then there's a huge potluck at one of the uncle's houses. It is awesome. And I'll have to miss it. But, Carolyn (my missionary sister) will too, and maybe i'll get to see grandma and her spitfire sister the day before or something.
C: There is another huge family reunion in New York this summer. I will most likely miss this. Maybe Carolyn and I will have to take a nationwide jaunt to visit family we both haven't seen for two years. I might have enough skymiles to pull it off, after last summer's trip to Romania...
D: I have to find another job at the end of August.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

That Which...

That which I could expound upon for pages and pages but won't because this week is another gray hair week and by the time I actually have time to pay attention and write, all my ideas will be buried under new ones. (and some brief ideas that would have included a deep and compelling story, but won't.)

The girl who grinned at the sky. (and how she made my day and that she wants the boy next door. therefore we could have been best friends, if I'd ever see her again. pity.)

the dichotomy of digital and real personalities. (everybody's different in text than in person. Those that fail to realize this needs reality to slap them in the face.)

hyperbole of Kathryn (baby sister and her ... eccentricities)

my failure of saying no (car boy. See "the dichotomy"... he's reality's number 1 offender)

you know you're good friends when (see, i've already lost this idea. fill in your own)

postage this year (spent a lot. Will spend more tomorrow. i don't know how much total, but could find out. later.)

cars. (see "you know you're good"...)

How life is supposed to happen and how it won't. (see the intro to this post)

what i want (HAH! as if.)

the census (have been waiting ten years to touch one. anticlimactic.)

delicious sounds of sauce ('nuff said.)

memory lane -spinny park - white willow - paul's house (no comment)

i'm only one person with two arms and 10 toes! (aren't you?)

Why is a raven like a writing desk? (three words: Edgar Allen Poe.)

Walk to campus via the quad (I'm going to miss school next semester)

synesthesia (apparently people with this condition have screwed up perceptions of the five senses. they can see tastes, etc.)

violets (favorite. smell and taste. yup. they're edible. try them in your next salad.

poppies (in flander's fields the poppies grow beneath the crosses row by row...)

ducks (held one the other day after falling down the stairs. Go team.)

bruises and welts (see "ducks")

the gym window (maybe i'll get a picture of it tomorrow. tis purdy. and in a strange place for life and art and beautiful things.)

missing out on thunder (April thunderstorm that snowed. A girl was too plugged in to notice. she missed out)

We'll see if I ever get around to this list. Will keep you posted. Maybe. And now! Back to studying for last midterm of the semester.